Professional Criminal Defense


Expertise and talent in criminal defense is easy to claim - proving it is another matter.  Here are just a very few of the results Mr. Harned has achieved in Sacramento criminal cases.

People v. Christopher S., Docket 98F05980.  In 2002, Christopher S. was found NOT GUILTY  by a jury of murder in the shotgun slaying of a friend.”

People v. Kelly E.,  Docket 00F04538.  In 2003, Kelly E. was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of murder and robbery charges.”

People v. Yanqun T.,  Docket 12F07161. In 2015, a jury found Yangun NOT GUILTY of charges of first and second degree murder in the bludgeoning and suffocation of her boyfriend. She was convicted of a reduced charge of manslaughter.”

People v. Andrew L., Docket 02F08094.  In 2004, a jury found Andrew L. NOT GUILTY of the murder of one man, and reduced the murder charge  of a second man to voluntary manslaughter.”

People v. Alfredo T., Docket No. 09F08863.  In 2012, a jury deadlocked on charges of double first degree murder with a “life without parole” special circumstance.  As a result of the mistrial, the District Attorney DISMISSED the first degree charges and the no-parole enhancement.  The jury returned verdicts on the lesser charges of second degree murder.”

People v James W., Docket No. 06F10982.  In 2008, a jury found James W. NOT GUILTY of two counts of robbery.”

People v. Donald P., Docket No. 07M05441.  In 2008, a jury found Donald P., a former law enforcement officer,  NOT GUILTY of assault.”



People v. Brandon B., Docket 13F03630.  In 2014, Brandon B. was found NOT GUILTY  by a jury of murder in the baseball bat slaying of another man.”

"People v. Brandon H., Docket No. 07F05726.  In 2007, the District Attorney DISMISSED all drug sales charges after successful completion of a motion to suppress evidence.".