No one likes to ponder their impending death; it is a taboo matter. Despite this, having a legal will written in plain English will help reduce stress, financial concerns, and family conflicts after the funeral service.

 A will is a legal file that stipulates and plans the distribution of your assets, such as cash in bank accounts, natural land, personal property, etc., after your death. You can name guardians for your children in your will.


The good news is that making a legal will involve a simple process, and it is a straightforward legal procedure. It might also be cost effective. Here is all the information you may need to create an online will.

We’ll discuss whether your entire will should be electronic today. Despite the easy process, online will have specific benefits and drawbacks. In several places, including Australia, it is now easy to complete, draft, sign, and store a will online.

The Uniform Online Will Act was recently approved by the Uniform Law Commission, allowing estate planning attorneys and grantors to draft, sign, and store their wills online.

Additionally, this will enable estate planning attorneys and courts to transfer already-written wills to be electronically recorded and archived in addition to creating new ones but requesting a fixed price for the service.

 Additionally, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s recent developments, online will has gained popularity due to the advice to distance oneself from society.


It’s simple to make and is free

Writing a will online today with the assistance of a legally sound lawyer might take time and additional costs. However, accessing high-quality will templates and an online form that can help you safeguard your loved ones and ensure they inherit your property is now simpler than ever, thanks to modern technology.


Several affordable or free choices, such as FreeWill, lead you through the procedure step-by-step. This relieves you of having to decide what to include in your will.

It’s Quick

To create a will is often perceived as time-consuming, and if you work with a lawyer to draft your will, it will be a straightforward process.

However, using internet tools can frequently be speedier and gives the will-writer the freedom and peace of mind to draft their will whenever it is convenient for them.

On FreeWill, the average time to complete a will form is only 17 minutes. That is less time than a single episode of your preferred Netflix series!

It takes far less time than you might anticipate to complete your will, even if you utilize a different online platform.

For most people, the coverage is adequate

An online will can serve as your final will and testament if your estate is straight forward, which most people in Australian estates are. An unattested signed and witnessed online will is as legally valid as the attorney documents.

You can still write your final wishes in your will documents using an online will website before bringing them to a lawyer if your estate is more intricate. However, you can save time and money by using this as a starting point for clear instructions for your attorney.

Updating is simple

When you experience a qualifying event or every five years, estate lawyers advise amending your will (like moving states or having children).

Documents created with legal counsel will need to be updated, which will cost you money. However, when one of these significant life changes occurs, updating your will is simple and cost-free if you create it online using a service like FreeWill.


In most cases, they will not be adequate for large or sophisticated estates

An online will may not adequately serve a person with a complicated estate. This may apply to someone who:

  • A company owner
  • Possesses property in several states
  • Possesses complex family dynamics (for example, blended families or estranged children)
  • Has substantial assets (such as numerous investment accounts) and desires to lower estate taxes
  • If this describes you, creating a trust or consulting an estate lawyer with a good law firm may be a helpful course of action to ensure all of your assets are covered.

There are several differences between online will service providers

There are numerous providers that provide various services at various pricing ranges. People who wish to create their will online but are unsure of where to begin or the site to visit may find the procedure difficult.

Some online will providers promise “free” wills that require you to wait through phone conversations or life insurance presentations. Consider visiting a customer review website to verify whether a firm is reputable before you allow them to manage your data.

One of the choices on the market that is genuinely free is FreeWill. Their online will-maker is always totally free because of the assistance of our charitable partners, and we never sell your information.

They will need to be witnessed to be legal

For a will to be regarded as legally binding, witnesses are required. This holds for both professionally drafted wills and online wills.

However, self-drafted will writers might not be aware of their state’s needs for notaries and witnesses. Your will might be challenged in court if you don’t have enough or the correct kind of witnesses.

Make sure you abide by the laws in your jurisdiction because witnessing regulations differ from state to state. If you create your will using FreeWill, we’ll advise you on how to enforce it in your state of residency. Your will is not regarded as legally binding until two witnesses sign it.

They could be designed improperly

A will may be void if the author does not employ the proper legal language. As a result, the court would decide how to divide up your assets, and your estate would be handled intestate as if you had died without leaving a will. For your grieving loved ones, this could be frustrating and upsetting.

Estate attorneys advise against creating your will by hand to prevent these mistakes (called a handwritten or holographic will). This is because holographic wills aren’t recognized in all states, and their legality is frequently disputed.

You can prevent these issues by using a will template or online tool. Additionally, you can always speak with an estate lawyer if you have concerns about your will.


Maximize the benefit for the beneficiaries of your special gift while minimizing the risk of litigation and associated expenditures in your home.

Give your executor clear instructions that spell out their power responsibilities and how to carry out your intentions;

To ensure that your hard-earned assets are distributed to your partner, loved ones, or your selected beneficiaries, you must protect your assets and beneficiaries against “predators and creditors.”

Leave a lasting legacy by organizing the efficient and tax-efficient distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries following your passing.